San Diego Show and Tell 2010

Thank you all our SDCCC members who participate in making possible our Show and Tell held at the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in San Diego.  Such a wonderful event. 
We enjoy and learned a lot with Linda Hogan as our Judge.

Nancy and Linda at the entrance

Welcome Pet
Registering the Birds Carl and Winnie at the Registration Table
Preparing the show birds Selecting the birds

Warming up

Darrell with Linda Hogan before the show started

Preparing color birds

Show Birds
David presenting Linda Hogan Show time
Judging Glosters Judging Borders
Members Attending the show Judging Lipochrome

Having a Break

Comparing Glosters

Judging Yorkshires

Linda showing Fred a graphic

Winnie, Carl, Nancy and Carol having Lunch

Linda, Carol S, Richard, Carol W, Carl and Winnie

Delicious Lunch David taking pictures at Lunch
Panoramic of the Lunch Other picture
Hoa, Mark and Nancy Cute table arrangement... by Nancy and Paula
Trophys and awards Carol presenting the raffle table
Gerardo Steve
Richard and Carol Sampson Mario and Fred
Carol with raffle prize Donna, Gerardo and David
Best Bird in Show - Behshid Best Type Canary in Show - Behshid
Best Color Canary - Jorge Winners Behshid and Jorge
Linda and Winnifred - Best Pet Jorge's Family with Linda
David and Linda Donna and Darrell
Gerardo and Luis Mandujano were responsible for the exquisite banquet. Lorena Lemus, Leticia Mandujano and Daughter
Having dinner Another picture of the dinner
Bird Winners
Parisian Frill - Best Bird in show Parisian Frill - Best Type Canary
Best Color Bird - Red Isabel Border
Columbus Fancy Fife Fancy
Gloster Consort Gloster corona
Recessive White Yorkshire
Yellow Lutino Rollers
Stafford Corona Stafford Consort
Fifes Lizard Gold Cap